Getting organised

Boxes, boxes, everywhere

This past week I’ve been getting things organised, doing all the stuff I need to fully move back.

  • The other flat, for one thing, the one I was living in for about four weeks before I moved back here! I went in to see the agents, and explained I had to finish the lease early. The girl kept saying "but you just moved in!", but put things in motion, and in fact there’s already someone interested in it who came around for a look, which is good because I’ll be paying rent there until someone else moves in.
  • During the week I started moving more of my stuff out of there, and on Saturday Peter and I moved all the big stuff out, which mostly consisted of swearing and cursing as we lugged three bookshelves, a filing cabinet and a fridge back out of there. Then Sunday and today I lugged the rest of the small stuff back. I swear if I never have to move again, that’ll suit me fine. Or I’ll make sure to pay some movers next time. A bunch of money is a small price to pay for your sanity.
  • Got OneTel to send the phone bill to my e-mail address, instead of the non-existent one they had been planning to send it to.
  • I moved the phone line that I had over there back here for use (again) as my second (Internet) line. The Telstra
    bloke was quite helpful except that it turned out that in the month I’d been away, the line here had been altered – from a working state to a non-working state, and it took a day or two to sort it out. The bloke also tried, like all good corporate citizens, to see what else he could sell me while I was on the phone. A Bigpond preview CD, fair enough. But Telstra Easymail?! Get real!
  • Moved the RACV address. Will move the car insurance and cancel the contents insurance tomorrow.
  • Disconnected the power. Water and gas tomorrow when they’re open. Shame there’s no way to ring one central number. Especially as the IVR prompts all sound the same. I like the way United Energy charge you a $23 connection fee to connect power that’s already connected.

Now, if I can just unpack all these damn boxes (again)…

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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