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Fitted up!

On Saturday afternoon I found myself being fitted up. For a mate’s wedding. Yes, Brian’s finally getting hitched to the lovely Deanne, and I’ll be there along with a handful of others in matching suits trying to bring some sense of dignity and occasion to the umm…. occasion.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m one of the groomsblokes, though seeing myself in the mirror wearing a cravat for the first time made me think more of Doctor Who. It did look quite spiffy actually, though I doubt I’ll take to wearing one to work.

Afterwards we all retired to a local Turkish restaurant, and enjoyed some fine food, though the service was at times excruciatingly slow. Normally having noisy kids is enough to get some very speedy service indeed, but not this time. No matter, when the food arrived (well, most of it arrived) it was quite scrummy.

By Daniel Bowen

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