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Hold it right there!

Left the car at home today. Getting on the tram with me this morning were about a dozen schoolgirls wearing black jeans, decorated black t-shirts, and all carrying a wide variety of scary-looking (yet brightly coloured) water guns.

They chattered away like schoolgirls, but adopted the pose of Special Operations Group cops, pointing their guns in the air for safety, lest their fellow terrified tram passengers get accidentally doused in water.

Ah, the joys of the last day of high school… hope they got at least a few teachers on their rampage.

Catching the tram/train to work occasionally lets me catch up on my reading. At the moment it’s Bill Bryson’s "A Walk In The Woods", and as it happens he’s in town, promoting his next book, and letting people know that he’ll be around in January preparing to write a book about our fine country. I wonder if he’ll bring Katz with him… Hopefully he won’t get splashed by any rampaging schoolgirls with water guns.

By Daniel Bowen

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