Working life


Those people selling The Big Issue can be quite innovative. It’s a wonder some of them aren’t earning large amounts of money in advertising. On the steps of the GPO today at lunchtime, I found a skinhead selling it doing the Macarena to attract attention. If I’d had $2 in change, I would have bought one, honestly! And if I’d had a camera with me, I would have preserved the moment for prosperity.

I’d much rather be out wandering around than in the office. There’s nothing to do. Of the three tasks I have allocated to me at the moment, the progress of all of them is currently in the hands of other people. I’ve once again asked to be let go, to go to another job, and it’s been denied because they believe that heaps more work will shortly materialise. I even offered to go part time, and this was knocked back because, would you believe it, apparently the resource utilisation paperwork can’t handle someone who’s working less than fulltime!

The situation is similar for the two colleagues who sit with me, but one is making his escape at the end of the week, and the other is stuck here longer than I am. We’re keeping ourselves sane by looking out the window, taking the piss out of the attendant in the carpark down below us, and we’ve all written programs to show how many days/hours/minutes/seconds we each have until our contracts expire.

We’ve also found a broken chair, one of those ones that suddenly goes back when you sit on it giving you a heart attack, and we’ve put it in our little area and have been luring people in to sit on it. One guy fell for it two days in a row.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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