All my hardware is working!

A friend of mine bought the same video capture board as me, but he had some trouble installing his. Why is installing things never as easy as they make out on the box? Maybe they should be more honest…

"System requirements: Pentium processor or higher, Windows 95 or NT 4, Super VGA with 256 or more colours, and a full head of hair because you’ll rip half of it out trying to get this bloody thing to work. Punching bag, therapy or professional guidance highly recommended."

Plug’n’Play definitely needs some work. Imagine what they’d do in Star Trek when they have to plug in some new hardware…

"Computer, run a level 3 diagnostic on the video capture board!"

"Commander Bowen, your PC is stuffed full of junk. Recommend unnecessary cards be ejected and placed on stand-by."

"Make it so."

"SCSI to Coffee Machine interface card… ejected.
Microsoft Barney doll interface card… ejected and destroyed.
Pro-3D Bananas In Pyjamas hologram card… ejected.
MethodologyZapper high paid consultant deflection device… ejected.

Video capture board is now operable."

Both our capture boards are working now (as you’d have seen from the plethora of new graphics around the Toxic Custard web site).

And this is important to me. As a computer nerd, parent and someone who delights in nifty gadgets of all sorts, it’s very important that I have many many tools at my disposal to record family events as they happen. Because another biggie is happening…

Yes, FertilisOr (but you can call me VirileMan) is at it again! My wife L is officially back In The Club. Another baby is on the way, and as we joke in the computer business, this deliverable is due around February!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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