Working life

The halfway mark

Just to recap on the PCs at work situation: Two weeks ago, we were told we’d have PCs last week. At the start of last week, we were told we’d have PCs at the end of last week. At the end of last week, we were told Monday. It’s now Wednesday, with no sign of the PCs. We have now been waiting for them for a month and a half.

It might be worth mentioning at this point that this contract goes for three months.

Thankfully it’s based on time and materials used, not deliverables completed. Presumably the relevant people in the organisation know this too, in which case I can only conclude that for them, money is not a problem.

But after 6½ weeks of waiting for the equipment we need to do our jobs, we’re getting to the conclusion that not even a very special effort of incompetence could have achieved this outcome. We suspect that darker political forces are at work here. But surely soon someone has to realise that having six people being paid but unable to do their work is not such a great idea.

By Daniel Bowen

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