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Week seven and counting

Start of week seven. As of 3pm, no PCs. At this point, most of us gave up for the day and went home to continue surfing oops errtechnology investigation on our own PCs. (Maybe we can charge the client for electricity?)

We’ve decided to compare our situation to those onboard a ship. The iceberg was dead ahead, but the steering committee couldn’t seem to make the obvious decision to avoid hitting it.

Once we’d hit it, the ship started going down. There’s plenty of lifeboats on the ship, but the Captain tells us there’s at least a six week delay before we can have them. And even now, the crew are still arguing about whether or not the lifeboats that only contain passengers but don’t hold any crew, should have oars in them.

On to other matters…

It’s hard to believe that this Friday will be my fifth wedding anniversary. The cynics amongst you will be thinking that what’s even more unbelievable is that I, a fully fledged bloke, know the significance of the date without having to be reminded on the day with the threat of physical violence.

Ah well, perhaps that’s what gives me the edge. I always remember when the anniversary is, even if I’m hopeless at getting L a suitable gift.

The fifth anniversary, according to custom, is "wood". Theoretically, I should get something that’s wooden, though in past years we haven’t really stuck to this rule. I don’t actually recall what we got each other for our third ("leather"!), but I do remember it wasn’t anything involving B&D gear. (And no, I don’t mean Black And Decker.)

So I’d better take a some long lunches this week to find just the right present. I’ve got a few ideas worked out, but a public forum like this (one that L reads, too!) is hardly the ideal place to reveal anything of this nature.

By Daniel Bowen

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