Souffle attempt 2 / Ants Bros

A couple of weeks ago the saga of the attempted souffle hit the virtual airwaves. Well, I’ve had another go. And although it didn’t rise far enough to look as impressive as in the cook book, the result of this weekend’s culinary experiments did indeed result in what could be described as a souffle. That, combined with Daniel’s World’s Simplest Salad (a.k.a. lettuce and some slices of tomato) made up Saturday’s dinner. What a feast.

You will also be no doubt overjoyed to hear that last week’s "Ants Bros – Rag Mop" conundrum has been solved. Thanks to Fiona Kelleghan and Jarrad Dowd we at Custard Puzzler Central HQ are now fairly certain it was a reference to an old song by the Ames Bros, called "Ragg Mopp" that we’d heard on the radio. Phew, I’m glad we got to the bottom of that. And the mental health authorities will be taking this into consideration when the hearing continues, so it’s good news all round!

By Daniel Bowen

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