Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from March 2014

I missed doing this last month: ten year old photos from March 2014.

Expansion of the rules banning smoking around public transport were very welcome. No more having to dodge the smokers on the platform to find a spot with clear air while waiting for a train.

Breathe easy - promotion of new public transport smoking bans, March 2014

One of the biggest transport policies announced by the Napthine Government as the 2014 election approached: the Free Tram Zone and capping of Zone 1+2 fares at Zone 1 prices. Labor quickly matched it.

Herald Sun with a front page article about proposed fare cuts, 26 March 2014

Also announced that year: a plan to upgrade the Dandenong line, including four level crossing removals. This was overtaken by the Labor pledge to remove all 9 from Caulfield to Dandenong. Labor won the election, and went ahead with their plan.

Advert about the proposed Dandenong line upgrades, March 2014

Heading home after a Billy Bragg concert at the Palais Theatre – as I’ve noted on other occasions, the lack of extra tram services means there’s often queues just to get onto the tram platform.

Waiting for a tram after a Billy Bragg concert at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda, March 2014

I remember these as a kid. An old Victorian Railways freight carriage on display at the Steamrail open day.

Victorian Railways freight carriage on display at the Steamrail open day, March 2014

Me pretending to drive a Tait train, also at the Steamrail open day.

Pretending to drive a Tait train at the Steamrail open day, March 2014

Spotted in the street: it’s out of focus, but this guy had a Sandringham line tattoo, with a late-90s Met logo on it.

Spotted, a bloke with a Sandringham line tattoo, March 2014

Something you just don’t see these days: a promotional DVD given away at a railway station.

Promotional DVD, March 2014

Public transport expert Jarrett Walker, speaking at an event in Melbourne for the Metropolitan Transport Forum. Video from a similar presentation from Toronto is online here and is still very relevant.

Jarrett Walker presenting in Melbourne at an event for the Metropolitan Transport Forum, March 2014

Newport station – I think this was one of the first locations to get a wheelchair hump, also known as a Harrington Hump, after the station in Britain that first got one.

Wheelchair platform hump at Newport station, March 2014

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