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New keyring

My keys aren’t bulky, but my car key is.

I don’t know why it took me so long to realise these two things:

1. My keys are bulky and heavy to carry – but that’s because of the car key, which is bigger than everything else.

In fact a car key is a bit like the car itself in a busy city – it’s impractically large for what it usually does.


2. I don’t usually need to carry my car key, because I don’t usually drive.

Do I need a car at all? For now, probably yes. That’s a topic for another day.

So why have I been carrying around my car key with all my other keys for all these years?

Okay, if I can leave my car key at home most of the time, how about another keyring to go with it, to make it easier to find when needed?

I found the perfect thing:

Comeng keyring

If you don’t recognise it, it’s based on this:

EDI Comeng train signage

It’s available from this mob: Murdoch Model Engineering.

Pairing it with my car key reminds me of the old PTUA car sticker “My other car is The Met”. I can’t find a picture of one, but I notice someone still makes a Sydney version: “My other car is a Tangara”, as well as a (sadly sold out) Melbourne Hitachi version. Nice.

By Daniel Bowen

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being the IT nerd I have a bunch of old 30-pin SIMMs I use as keyring decoration … the hole in each end is a bit small and they do tend to wear out after a year or so but the board substrate is generally quite durable … also, the chips start falling off after being kicked around in the pocket for a while, but quite handy still … _possibly_ some problematic lead in the solder, however … eh

I’m pretty sure it’s because the car key has a transponder (as well as the unlock, lock and horn buttons) in it that allows the car’s immobiliser to disable, allowing the car to start. Car Keys before 2002 where much smaller.

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