Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from May 2013

Here’s another in my series of old photos from ten years ago – May 2013.

Then Premier Napthine with member for Bentleigh Elizabeth Miller, transport minister Terry Mulder, PTV CEO Ian Dobbs and others, announcing the “Bayside Rail Upgrade” at Bentleigh station.

Press conference at Bentleigh station with Premier Denis Napthine, 5/5/2013

The northern end of the platform at Bentleigh wasn’t exactly very roomy. But I actually took the photo to capture the hot air balloon.

Hot air balloon near Bentleigh station, May 2013

One upgrade that Bentleigh did get pretty quickly was PSOs. This shows the PSO facility (“Baillieu Box”) under construction. By the end of 2015 it was being demolished again as part of the level crossing removal.

PSO box under construction at Bentleigh station, May 2013

Fare gates at Flinders Street with the original, slow, yellow Myki readers.

Myki Fail - gates at Flinders St all refusing entry

Elsewhere on the network, they were not working well.

Myki not working so well - Bentleigh station, May 2013

Flinders Street Station, with its then mustard paint job,

Flinders Street Station, May 2013

I have no idea why I took this photo. 64 Mb was not a lot back then. Maybe that was the point?

Computer memory, May 2013

27/5/2023 – this report in MX on my decision not to stand again as the PTUA President. I subsequently took a year or two away, but then got dragged back in! Tony Morton has been President since 2013.

MX: 4/5/2013 - story on me planning to stand down as PTUA President

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