Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from March 2013

Here’s another post of photos from ten years ago – this time March 2013.

A Parkiteer Map was published in MX and it was a doozy for errors. A few to see just in this little glimpse. Spelling mistakes, lines in the wrong place, lines strung together… it had it all.

Parkiteer map with lots of errors (March 2013)

A Hitachi train arrives at the old Murrumbeena (pre-skyrail) station

Good morning Murrumbeena Station - you haven't changed a bit. Neither have you, 278M.

Flat screens newly installed at Flinders Street station – but you know it’s an old photo because they’re showing black and white.

New screens in the Degraves Street subway at Flinders Street station (March 2013)

This still makes me laugh, and last time I went past they still hadn’t fixed it. Can you spot the Smartbus departures board in the distance behind the sea of shop signs?

Smartbus stops and signage in Lonsdale Street (March 2013)

This must be infuriating for tram drivers. (It certainly is for tram passengers). Recent addition of kerbing in CBD streets apparently helps.

Tram blocked by a solitary taxi in Bourke Street (March 2013)

Then Channel 7 reporter Brendan Donohoe spotted on Princes Bridge recording a mobile piece to camera about proposals for bike lanes.

Then Channel 7 reporter Brendan Donohoe recording on a bike for a report about bike lanes on Princes Bridge

Peaked Peeked in the window at the library during the Easter long weekend.

Library interior during the Easter break (March 2013)

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