Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from September 2012

Another in my series of photos from ten years earlier.

Ventura’s Oakleigh depot full of buses, having a nice rest on a Sunday, despite heavy passenger demand and crowding. Since then, most buses running PTV routes have been put into PTV liveries.

Buses idle at depot

What happens when you run a red light but don’t make it across.

When you try to run a red light, but don't make it #RoadMorons

That time that Ikea sponsored seats at Southern Cross station.

IKEA seat covers, Southern Cross Station

Back in 2012, a big selling feature for cafes, libraries, and… railway stations… was free public Wi-Fi. Since then mobile data has got cheaper, and security concerns mean lots of people avoid public Wi-Fi. Having to accept screenfuls of terms and conditions didn’t help either.

Free Metro Wi-Fi (September 2012)
Free Metro Wi-Fi terms and conditions (September 2012)

The demolition of Myer Lonsdale Street and its replacement with the Emporium building was continuing. I like these photos because you can see the scale of the project from the bus at the right hand side.

Emporium under construction (September 2012)
Emporium under construction (September 2012)

A fair bit of Port Phillip’s public transport network is a grid of frequent trains, trams and buses. But what about people with limited mobility who can’t use that? The answer is targeted bus services that can take them places, such as this Community Bus service. Back in 2012 it was a timetabled service – it has since switched (during the pandemic, I think) to an on-demand operation.

Port Phillip Community Bus at South Melbourne Market (September 2012)

Z-class tram 158, still in its Royal Tram livery following Queen Elizabeth II’s visit in October 2011.

Royal Tram in Swanston Street (September 2012)

I missed this one last month – it’s from August 2012. John-Michael Howson was a bit grumpy in the local paper about Southland Station being paid for by taxpayers. I wonder if he also wanted Westfield to chip in for nearby road upgrades to cope with Southland traffic.

Letter in local Leader newspaper about Southland Station (September 2012)

How do you do, fellow kids? Metro advertising status updates on its web site. (I agree with the message though – it’s a good idea to check your train line status before travelling.)

Metro ad for new web site (September 2012)

A sight gone since the end of 2012: a passenger buying a ticket on a tram. Let’s face it, vending machines aren’t coming back onto trams, but introducing fare payment using bank issued cards would largely fix it.

Buying a Metcard on a tram (September 2012)

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5 replies on “Old photos from September 2012”

So what actually happened to Ventura since then? They did give up the former National portion (later Transdev, now Kinetic), but there are still other Ventura buses including the former Ivanhoe routes.

“Having to accept screenfuls of terms and conditions [for free wi-fi] didn’t help either”.
The corporate building which houses the Blood Bank in Collins St Melbourne has free wi-fi. The terms and conditions section requires about a dozen scrolls on your mobile to get to the “Accept” box. Could be a record!

@ Tramologist: Ventura is still the same as it was when Transdev took over from National. Ventura still “owns” Grenda, Invicta, Ivanhoe, Moorabbin Transit, Mt Dandy and U.S. Bus Lines. They’re a monopoly in the outer east beyond Ringwood (route 380 and rural services aside); in the south-east their only competitor I can currently think of is Cranbourne Transit. The only thing Ventura lost were the three orbital SmartBus routes 901, 902 and 903, and the buses themselves which ran on those routes.

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