Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from August 2012

2022 State Election politics has just hotted up on the transport front, and I’ll try and do a blog post on that soon, but in the meantime, here’s another in my series of ten year old photos: this time, August 2012.

Multilingual rhinos!

Rhino (tram) advert

The “Melbourne Visitor Shuttle” bus, eventually scrapped in 2017 – it could never compete against the City Circle tram. (It wasn’t a shuttle; it was a loop.)

Tourist "shuttle" bus executes a hook turn

All the main public transport modes together in Flinders Street near Queen Street. We used this image for PTUA business cards.

Trains, trams, buses in Flinders Street near Queen Street (August 2012)

A stand-off in Manchester Lane. As a pedestrian, I have no idea what the convention is.

Standoff in Manchester LaneWerribee statoon underpass (August 2012)

It’s been a while since I’ve been past Werribee Station, but I assume the underpass hasn’t changed very much.

Werribee statoon underpass (August 2012)

At the time there was a Comeng-like kiosk, which appears to have previously had a Met logo on it.

Kiosk in Werribee statoon underpass (August 2012)

Out on Comden Drive outside Werribee station was this sign. Presumably it had been broken for a while. According to Google Streetview it was removed sometime between November 2014 and October 2016.

Broken train signage outside Werribee station (August 2012)

Ripponlea station: A helpful person’s attempt to explain the benefits of registering your Myki card. Obviously not everybody was convinced.

Homespun Myki signage at Ripponlea station (August 2012)

Footscray station’s doughnut van. Note the new pedestrian overpass at left – completed in 2010, then partly demolished in 2013 and extended to fit additional platforms.

Doughnut van at Footscray station (August 2012)

A hangover from the Connex days: Flinders Street Station’s Elizabeth Street exit closed at 10pm. This didn’t stop some people using it.

Just after 10pm at Flinders Street Station - Elizabeth Street exit closed (August 2012)

Southern Cross: is it a railway station or a stabling yard? If you’re V/Line, it’s both.

V/Line using Southern Cross Station as a stabling yard (August 2012)

Unofficial last of the tram conductors Roberto D’Andrea at the tram stop outside Parliament House, getting some media attention. An Auditor-General’s report had just found that the cost of fare evasion was more than $350 million per year.

Roberto D'Andrea, unofficial tram conductor (August 2012)

By Daniel Bowen

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Every time I see a car turn in front of a moving tram I think of those rhinos! A shame a lot of motorists can’t recall the ads.

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