Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from December 2011

Very busy so not many blog posts recently. Here’s another in my series of photos from ten years ago… December 2011.

Flinders Street Station’s rather nice Christmas decorations

Flinders Street: Merry Christmas

Here’s the main entrance to the station, the classic Melbourne photo.

Flinders Street station (December 2011)

Remember the confusing old train maps? This one from the City Loop of the Northern group lines was particularly bad. A Melbourne newbie could easily (and reasonably) conclude there’s a train from Footscray to Upfield.

Northern Loop map (December 2011)

This signage at Parliament station wasn’t ideal either. The theory – of pointing to the north and south exits – is good, but the location of the poster makes it confusing.

Parliament station signage to exits? (December 2011)

Never let it be said that level crossing removals only benefit motorists. Bus stuck waiting for a train at Bentleigh station, back when the crossing was still there.

Bus waiting for train at Bentleigh (December 2011)

What a stupid place to park.

Motorcycle parked right on the corner of a busy intersection (December 2011)

Ancient history right here – Met Bus signage on a bus shelter at Elsternwick. Met Bus finished operations in 1998. Streetview indicates the shelter and sticker lasted until 2017.

"Met Bus" sign in Elsternwick (December 2011)

It’s a myth that Melburnians won’t catch buses. They will if the service is halfway decent. This is people boarding an eastbound 703 bus (running every 15 minutes) at Bentleigh station.

People waiting to board a bus at Bentleigh station (December 2011)

Fare evaders face a fine. Motorists who block trams? Not so much.

Car blocking a tram on WIlliam Street (December 2011)

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