Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from May and June 2011

In my series of photos from ten years ago I missed May, so here’s a combined post for May and June 2011.

Balaclava station, the 1981 pebblemix version (which followed a fire, if I recall correctly), before it was demolished and replaced in 2014.

Balaclava station, May 2011

The old McKinnon station – with just one Myki reader at the main entrance, which used to cause queues at rush hour, a problem which was still present as late as April 2012.

McKinnon station, May 2011

Hitachi train – crowded at peak. Not sure, but the bloke in the middle looks familiar for some reason?

Crowded Hitachi train, May 2011

…and here’s the off-peak version. Note the tags.

Hitachi train interior, 2011

Footscray station’s Olympic Doughnuts, with owner Nick Tsiligiris captured at the left of the photo.

Olympic Doughnuts, May 2011

Lonsdale Street, showing the old Myer store during the rebuild which retained just the facade, resulting in Emporium.

Myer Lonsdale Street, 2011

The statue of Rupert Hamer in Treasury Place. Hamer was the 39th Premier of Victoria, and later a patron of the PTUA.

Rupert Hamer statue at Treasury Place, 2011

Southern Cross Station’s roof, as viewed from Media House. (More pics)

Southern Cross Station from above

Finally, a story in the free MX newspaper highlighting the numerous errors at Southern Cross Station’s screens – a spin-off from a PTUA post earlier that day.

MX: 2/6/2011 - The many errors of the Southern Cross station screens

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I think I know why you think the guy on the Hitachi train looks familiar…he looks an awful lot like former Channel Ten sports presenter Brad McEwan, who used to banter a lot with Sandra Sully on the late night news (although he lived in Sydney when that was taken so no idea why he would be using our trains!)

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