Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from December 2010

Time to wrap up the year with a post of ten year old photos: December 2010. I couldn’t find very many of interest this time, so it’ll be quick.

First, here is one of those posters to try and convince people to pay attention and not get caught out by the shortcomings of the public transport service – in this case, the practice of transposal, where Metro suddenly swaps a train to a new destination due to delays. It’s a practice that predates Metro of course, but you’d think if they can’t stamp it out, they could at least do it before the train reaches the CBD, not after it’s picked up outbound passengers. (That’s the promise for the Dandenong line from January 2021.)

Metro travel tip poster (December 2010)

As I recall, back in 2010 Back in 2005, Yarra Trams was trialling running trams on Sydney Road to a frequency rather than a timetable. The printed stop timetables shown below might have been a hangover from this – they didn’t have specific times shown. I think this is a good idea, if the frequency is high enough. It can mean that the service can run faster than otherwise possible, which can speed up journeys.

Frequency timetable on tram route 19 (December 2010)

…and they had some heavy promotion of Tram Tracker. (Real-time tracking has since been made available on buses and trains, and recently the new PTV app has gained tracking maps as well)

TramTracker display in Brunswick (December 2010)

Bikes and public transport make for a winning combination. But I get a bit uneasy about people who push the limits by bringing along a big trailer as well. Perhaps harmless in a near-empty train like this one, but you can see how it would cause problems in even a moderately loaded carriage, by blocking both doorways at once. (Also: Hitachi train!)

Large bike inside Hitachi train carriage (December 2010)

There was plenty of interest to mark a year of Myki in Melbourne

Myki media mayhem!

Finally, here’s a wind farm near Wonthaggi, from a day trip down to South Gippsland.

Wind farm near Wonthaggi

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I have been told that with frequency based timetable trams still have to abide by Operating Performance Regime, which means trams cannot pass Bell St. and Haymarket early on the City bound trip, and Collins St. and Haymarket towards North Coburg. (Haymarket is monitored for both early and late running, while the last points, Collins St. City bound and Bell St. north bound, are monitored for late running, but drivers are not punished for doing so for obvious reason) The only time trams are allowed to pass otherwise monitored points early was during trail of version 3 tram priority signalling along Nicholson St. on route 96. This version has not been generalized due to objection from VicRoads.

@Tramologist – thanks. I did some digging and found the trial of frequency (not times) on the 19 was actually earlier, back in 2005.


I’ve altered the blog post to reflect this. I’m not sure if the timetable shown here was leftover from that, or a later unrelated use of frequency instead of specific times.

Has MyKi really been here for over 10 years now.

Also, Hitachi trains where still here 10 years ago too.

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