Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from June 2010

Continuing my series of posts of ten year old photos

Swanston Street has been closed to traffic since the 1990s… not that you’d know it from the number of cars that drive down there sometimes. At least the big tram stops in place nowadays discourage some of them. (Also note the foreground vehicle blocking the intersection.)

Traffic in Swanston Street (June 2010)

The then Bentleigh station in the fog.

Bentleigh station in the fog (June 2010)

The old CRT screens in the City Loop stations got updated some years ago, as did the confusing mix of stopping patterns on the Dandenong line – a timetable revamps since then have meant they’re mostly standardised now.

Express Dandenong to Merinda Park?

Metro (MTM) had been operating for a bit over six months, and experimented with dispatch paddles.

Parliament station - dispatch paddle in use

…The paddles didn’t last too long – though to my mind they were more successful than this week’s experiment of one way pedestrian flows at Melbourne Central Station.

Back to 2010. A remnant of the past at Caulfield station. I think this might still be there on platform 1.

Caulfield station gate

Slightly bizarre advertising at Southern Cross Station for dairy products, featuring… (fake) grass on the platforms.

Advertising for dairy products at Southern Cross Station (June 2010)
Advertising for dairy products at Southern Cross Station (June 2010)

Before we even knew about physical distancing… no chance of it on this citybound train at Caulfield.

Crowded train at Caulfield (June 2010)

On the same morning at Richmond – packed trains and the government advertising that they were buying more.

Government advertising and a crowded train (June 2010)

The public transport system was awash with this type of advertising during 2010. (The State Election was due in November, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.)

Government advertising at Caulfield station (June 2010)

Also in June 2010: the requirement to touch-off Myki on trams was removed.

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I’d forgotten all the cars that used “pedestrian” Swanson St. Taxis were the worst culprits.

I believe the Met sign was on platform 1 rather than 4 (I haven’t actually been to Caulfield since around 2012 when a model train show was at the racecourse but I also remember taking a photo of it as a curiosity).

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