Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from February 2010

Here’s another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

Lonsdale House was a lovely art deco building, pictured here just before demolition. At the time it was thought an Apple Store might be built in its place – it ended up being the Top Man/Top Shop section of the Emporium shopping centre.

Lonsdale House, shortly before demolition

At Southern Cross, V/Line was getting ready for Myki. It had started on trains in Zones 1 and 2 in December 2009 (including V/Line within those zones) but wouldn’t be enabled to other V/Line zones until 2013. The rollout beyond the commuter zones was cancelled in 2011, along with short term tickets and tram ticket machines.

V/Line getting ready for Myki, Southern Cross, February 2010

At Flinders Street they had posters trying to explain to people how to use the Myki readers.

Myki poster, February 2010

The fare gates were the 1990s era Metcard gates with Myki readers retrofitted, so they could use both tickets during the transition. Here you can also see Metcard vending machines, but Myki machines were also dotted around the place.

Metcard machine and Metcard/Myki gates at Flinders Street station, February 2010

Myki wasn’t yet running officially on trams, but they were preparing. Even W-class trams had readers fitted – these days the only Ws still in service are on the free City Circle. Back in 2010, Ws still ran on routes 78 and 30 – the latter route is now completely within the Free Tram Zone – except for a single stop.

Myki equipment on W-class tram, February 2010

A pair of W-class trams on Latrobe Street. Often there was space on the paid 30 while the free 35/City Circle was packed.

W-class trams in Latrobe Street, February 2010

A Comeng train at Flinders Street, sporting temporary Metro stickers to cover up the Connex logos.

Comeng train at Flinders Street showing temporary Metro stickers, February 2010

Looking south from a Latrobe Street/Little Lonsdale Street building, over the City skyline. I’m not sure this view has changed a huge amount, as many of the newer buildings are further west (to the right of shot).

City skyline looking south from Little Lonsdale St, February 2010

Skybus has recently taken over a lot of suburban airport bus routes – probably a strategy to diversify before airport rail eventually arrives. Before Skybus dubbed it the Peninsula Express, it was the Frankston And Peninsula Airport Shuttle (FAPAS for short).

Pre-Skybus FAPAS Airport Bus stop, Moorabbin, February 2010

For a few years PTUA ran a stall at the annual Sustainable Living Festival. Here it is in 2010, sharing space with the Metropolitan Transport Forum and Victoria Walks. Note the fake bus stop sign.

PTUA at Sustainable Living Festival, February 2010

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Spent some time on the W Class last week for a potential project I am working on. Don’t know how much is invested to keep these running but they are a nice ride (although rather loud).

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