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Old photos from July 2009

Another in my series of photos from ten years ago.

This month: July 2009.

Then-metropolitan train operator Connex was advertising the addition of more station staff around the network.

Connex Melbourne sign advertising additional station staff, July 2009

Frankston station. I think the construction was an upgrade to the bus interchange… which was all replaced again in 2018.

Works at Frankston station, July 2009

Mordialloc station (I think)

Mordialloc station, July 2009

Richmond station, before the entirety of the platforms got shelter.

Richmond station, July 2009

The old Bentleigh station, before the crossing was removed, with its almost unique red man and “Another train coming” displays.

Bentleigh station, July 2009

A non-transport photo: the Bentleigh Priceline made me laugh, with its placement of weight management and confectionery in the same aisle.

Priceline Bentleigh, July 2009

Fears of distraction from mobile phones aren’t new – but back then, they thought you might be making a phone call, rather than staring at the screen.

Be Alert And Don't Get Hurt advertising, July 2009

New sensors had started being fitted to the Metcard gates in preparation for the introduction of Myki at the end of 2009. This is the Elizabeth Street entrance to Flinders Street Station.

Flinders Street Station (Elizabeth Street entrance), July 2009

Advertising for tram and bus lanes. Yeah, we could do with more of those. Lanes that is (and enforcement), not advertising.

Advertising for bus and tram priority, July 2009

Victoria Street, Abbotsford – the Skipping Girl sign.

Skipping Girl sign, July 2009

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I stumbled across your page whilst looking into the new metro rail tunnel. Just wanted to say : Great work!

If only the Govt. listened to and did as much research as yourself! Public Transport in Aus is just diabolical :(
Let’s hope that one day we get to even half of the facilities in Europe/the northern hemisphere! :/ !

Great page !

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