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Old photos from June 2009

Here (just a few hours late) is another in my series of ten year old photos: this time, it’s June 2009.

Already the subject of a blog post, was this confusing ad on the side of a bus. Does it mean it’s flexible or not?

Advert on bus

Don’t you wish you were not packed into a train on your commute, but instead on your own private train somewhere? I used this photo in a blog about Connex (Veolia, then running the suburban trains) and Transdev (then running Yarra Trams) being replaced by consortiums run by MTR and Keolis – which was announced in June 2009.

Just another crowded train

There was a campaign on trams around keeping trams and other traffic moving.

June 2009: Public transport roads campaign

…There was also a campaign around rail safety.

June 2009: Rail safety campaign on a tram

As of June 2019, there’s a new bus route 627 that’s just started – here’s a pic of the previous route to have that number – which was very confusing. Since split into the 625 and 626, which helps legibility.

June 2009: The old route 627 - confusing!

Meanwhile over on the trains, ads for the government’s transport plan had started to appear.

June 2009: Government advertising starts to creep into trains

…and Myki machines had started to appear in railway stations. They would finally be switched on at the end of 2009.

June 2009: Myki machines start to appear in stations

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3 replies on “Old photos from June 2009”

Is there some kind of fisheye on that shot inside the train? It looks oddly narrow that I thought I was looking at a foreign train. And shame about Virgin Mobile wrapping up their service soon. I actually like them.

Of course, we still had Z1 and Z2 class in service back then. Just like our loved 15 year old tomcat we had put down last weekend. We always feel the absence of what we still remember.

When did the first E class enter service?

Other than, the Z1/2 class out, E class in, and PTV livery being applied more, and the many grade separations in the last three years, not much has really changed to the quality of transport services over this time.

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