Short local history lessons, in 280 characters (or less)

A year ago today, I travelled to Pinewood shopping centre in Mount Waverley for the second time that month.

The first visit (where I blogged my trip home) was for a medical consultation for a lump in my arm.

The second visit was to have it removed. I travelled to the appointment, and as I passed one station I don’t usually visit, I tweeted a little Blackadder gag.

Age reporter Craig Butt got the reference (well, who wouldn’t?*) and replied.

…which got a response from Metro:


Metro, getting serious for a moment:

Since then they’ve been semi-regularly tweeting out potted histories of stations and their names under the #MelbStations tag.

The lump was harmless, by the way. But hey, it seems to have inspired an ongoing local history lesson.

Check out #MelbStations on Twitter.

  • *If you’ve never seen Blackadder 4, what have you been doing with your life?!

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Short local history lessons, in 280 characters (or less)”

History lessons are good especially when no one can agree on things! Thanks for sharing.
BTW, I love British comedy, but never liked Black Adder.
Since I was a boy I’ve always made double entendres about the “Darling” station name as I grew up on the Glen Waverley line.

Hello darling. Did you know that the original Noble Park station got built because locals got sick of having to travel to Springvale or Dandenong for trains and after failing to convince the government of the day to build a station, they pooled their money together and funded it themselves! Original buildings got destroyed by arson in 1960s

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