Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from November 2007

Bentleigh area peeps: the steam train is back tomorrow (Saturday 25th November)!

Meanwhile, here’s another of my sets of ten year old photos, this time from November 2007.

The month started with a quick trip to Adelaide.

From the looks of Google Streetview, this corner hasn’t changed much except the branding on the grand old bank building.
North Terrace and King William Street, Adelaide

Hook turns – not just a Melbourne thing
Adelaide hook turn at North Terrace and King William Street

We had to visit the tram museum at St Kilda, north of Adelaide, of course, even if the only way to get there was by hiring a car. Here’s a Sydney tram running rides:
Sydney tram at St Kilda tram museum near Adelaide, 2007

…and one of the locals:
Adelaide tram at St Kilda tram museum near Adelaide, 2007

Back in Adelaide, more modern Adelaide trams… that got stuck at traffic lights.
Adelaide trams 2007

This was the CBD tram terminus just west of the main station. At the time, it had only just been extended there, and it’s been extended further north-west since.
Adelaide CBD tram terminus 2007

Diesel Comeng train at Port Adelaide on the Outer Harbor line. Some of the cities suburban services are being electrified and modernised.
Train at Port Adelaide 2007

The train interior will spark memories for those who remember Melbourne’s Comengs before they were refurbished. The Adelaide diesel units are still in use, but are being refurbished.
Adelaide diesel Comeng train interior (2007)

Back in Melbourne, this photo must have been to mark my first spotting of the new “Connex” seat covers appearing on former M>Train Comeng trains.
New train seat cover, 2007

This was an occasional appearance at a rally (this one was “Walk against warming”) from the PTUA and its awkwardly-large banner with the incorrect apostrophe. You can see me holding one end.
Walk Against Warming march 2007

The Bentleigh festival used to fill Centre Road; they don’t run it anymore due to the cost.
Bentleigh festival 2007

Friends used to live in this block of flats on Brighton Road in Elwood, which is why it was of interest. When they lived there it was two levels. Now it’s three.
Flats having 3rd level added, Elwood, 2007

Regulars at Glenhuntly station know the crossing has long caused headaches for pedestrians
Pedestrians wait at Glenhuntly level crossing

…and despite the dangers, motorists loved queuing across the tracks then… and still do it now.
Cars queue across Glenhuntly level crossing

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
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The apostrophe is not technically incorrect, but I realise it’s contrary to the style of dropping the apostrophe in proper nouns and street signs these days.

Grammatically the apostrophe isn’t wrong, but it’s not part of the organisation’s name. That is, it’s an association of public transport users, not owned by. Or something!

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