It’s August! I’ve got a new blog template

Eagle-eyed readers would have noticed I’ve put in a new blog template.

The intent was to provide more space for photos and table data. The old template (and most like it, in fact) squash them up even when displayed on a big desktop screen.

See any problems? Leave a comment.

Also, I’m interested to know what’s better: a rotating or random header image, or the same one each time (for easy recognition)?

Issues I need to fix:

  • Comment numbering has disappeared. The usual method of fixing this isn’t working yet.
  • The Google ads are turned off for now. Sorry, but I’ll be switching them back on. Will try not to make them too obtrusive.
  • A change earlier in the year to HTTPS has broken a bunch of pictures in older posts. — fixed

Reminder: At present I’m posting a mix of new blog posts, and backdated Europe trip posts.

Cardiff Bay: Pierhead building and Millennium Centre

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “It’s August! I’ve got a new blog template”

not sure about your header pic for a (generally) PT focussed blog… — i see 6 cars and no indication of any PT in it :D

@Bob, the current header image is of a street in Brussels, showing how they cater well for pedestrians by having zebra crossings at nearly every corner, including at roundabouts.

@George, nah I’m not that keen on the ones that constantly change. If I have a random header, it’ll only change on each page view.

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