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Old photos from February 2006

Continuing my series of ten year old photos: February 2006.

(As usual, you can click through any of them to view them on Flickr, where you can see each photo at a larger size.)

Kangaroos near Seymour, snapped on a break during a PTUA Planning Weekend; they used to regularly happen up there. (Originally posted here)
Near Seymour, February 2006

Walking Maisie the dog at Altona Beach. Maisie is getting a little elderly now, and doesn’t go to the beach anymore. I’m betting the skyline has changed just a bit.
Altona Beach, February 2006
Altona Beach, February 2006

The scourge of the Altona Loop: the single track. This hasn’t changed, but the adjoining Werribee line has got much busier, leading to a greater likelihood of trains skipping the Altona Loop so the single track doesn’t cause small delays to cascade into bigger ones.
Altona Beach, February 2006

Collins Street and Russell Street, not too long after the tram stop there closed. Trams still have to stop for the traffic lights of course.
Collins Street, February 2006

Collins Street outside the then-Australia On Collins building, currently being redeveloped. Back then fire fighters rarely took take any care not to block trams. These days they seem to have some protocols in place to try and avoid it.
Collins Street, February 2006

My childhood home in Hotham Street, St Kilda — for a blog entry posted in March 2006. It’s remarkable how little it’s changed, at least from the outside. The garages out the back certainly hadn’t changed. Nor, I suspect, had the brown flats in the background.
Hotham Street, East St Kilda, February 2006
Hotham Street, East St Kilda, February 2006

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The year 2016 and Altona is still serviced by single track line. You would have thought it was 1956. A disgrace.

I don’t remember A Class trams ever having that type of destination as the one on the tram in Collins Street. They were originally black and white roller blinds, later upgraded to the present orange display. I can only assume it was a trial.

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