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Old photos from January 2006

Continuing my series of posts of ten year old photos

New Year’s Eve 2005/06 was the second year of all-night trains, and I sampled them for myself.

Flinders Street station at about 1am was pretty busy. Still some crowds outside, very much a party atmosphere as I recall. The platforms and trains were pretty packed, but moving well. The smaller photos are from some video I shot. The last (bottom-right) photo is after getting off the train at Footscray.
Flinders Street Station, approx 1am 1/1/2006

New Years Eve trains, approx 1am, 1/1/2006

At Footscray, people were waiting for the 82 tram, which wasn’t running all night. This seems to happen every year. Perhaps they ought to simply run every tram route all night on NYE?

The redevelopment of Spencer Street/Southern Cross Station was nearing completion, but wasn’t quite finished yet. The renaming (throwing away 146 years of brand recognition) had taken place in December 2005. No sign of The Age building, which was built some years later.

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Inside the station. Note the temporary V/Line destination displays.
Spencer Street/Southern Cross station, January 2006

Spencer Street/Southern Cross station, January 2006

Mid-January, Sorrento Beach

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Mural marking former site of South Melbourne tram depot
Site of old South Melbourne depot, January 2006

Old desk, old computers at home. I think this was snapped for listing the desk on eBay.
Computers, January 2006

In 2006, some signage at loop stations still indicated trains to Mornington (closed in 1981) and suburban trains to Warragul (electric trains last ran there in 1998)
Map at Parliament station, January 2006

Melbourne’s landmark Nylex clock had been restored in 2005, but had failed again by early 2006.
Nylex sign not working, January 2006

Chaos at work as someone violated fridge etiquette
Work fridge anarchy, January 2006

Eureka Tower under construction. It was completed in June 2006.
Eureka Tower under construction, January 2006

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I like the plastic mat for your computer chair to slide on to protect the wonderful polished floor boards.

I still remember the days when the last route 82 tram ran around 8.30pm – thankfully for anyone headed between Moonee Ponds and Footscray, the parallel route 472 bus kept running for an hour or two beyond that.

Nice photos :) It was weird that the Frankston line map at Parliament station ever indicated trains to Mornington to begin with, given that said line closed in 1981 and Parliament station opened in 1983. The Stony Point line was reopened in 1984, but not the Mornington line.

I wonder if the old blue TV screen PID’s that are still at Box Hill station to this day are still left over from 1981. If the actual screens themselves are not 35 years old, the technology certainly is (given the PID’s in the museum station flyer I’ve seen online from 1981 has a very similar, if not the exact same type face as the Box Hill PID’s).

Again nice photos, please keep up the memories.

No V/Locities in Southern Cross station.

RE Marcus;
Yes, I remember buses replaced trams on route #82. All day Sundays, and Saturday afternoons too.

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