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Some quick things

I’d love to post an awe-inspiring blog post this morning, but I haven’t got one. (There are some in the works).

Instead I’ll just note some quick things:

I’m speaking, with some others, at Idea Bombing Melbourne this Thursday night, the topic being: “Tapestry of a City”. Facebook event / EventBrite — it’s free, but tickets are running out.

On a whim I tried signing-up for Shutterstock (an online stock photo library) and submitting a few photos (as per their sign-up process), including the one below. The process includes manual approval. Within 12 hours they got back to me. Not only did they reject every single photo I submitted, they even rejected my proof of ID. Obviously they’re pretty fussy. Fair enough. Oh well, I like my pictures! (Umm no, I’m not gunzelling, I’m getting photos for the PTUA picture library and my blog!)

Siemens train at Patterson

I’ve started listening to the Boston-based Transit Matters podcast: I’m about halfway through episode 15, and there’s a lot of interesting stuff, most of it relevant to Melbourne.

Makes me wonder if I should try doing a podcast. Perhaps I could take questions. What should I talk about?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

8 replies on “Some quick things”

Hi Daniel. I would be interested in a podcast. Short, interesting items relating to local history, little known facts, public transport – pretty much what you do here, but maybe in more depth.

I’m a photo and words person – I wouldn’t listen to your podcast. Shame your great photos didn’t get into Shutterstock – maybe too transport orientated?

Yes! If you have the time do a podcast! 10 – 15 minute weekly transport current affairs and opinion piece would be awesome

One of the benefits of a podcast (or even vodcast!) is that this could be used a repository of comments for media use, if you included a short media grab with each item. Not that I’m suggesting you become a spokesbot…

Perhaps you could gift your pictures into the public domain and submit your pictures to Wikimedia Commons instead?

I would certainly download and listen. It does take a lot of talent to make interesting and entertaining podcasts on your own and not have someone to bounce off though.

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