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Physical wreck: There will be snot

I’m a physical wreck this weekend, from head to foot.

Some new shoes are fine for me, but the ones I wore on Thursday resulted in three blisters: one on each heel, and another on one of my toes. I’m sure the shoes will settle down after a couple of wears, but in the mean time, I’ve got bandaids on every time I leave the house.

And I’ve got a head cold. It’s not at the top of the scale when it comes to colds and flu, but it’s not very pleasant either.

The movie In The Loop (which is a spin-off from the TV series The Thick Of It) has some very funny deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray disc. In one, Jamie (aka The Crossest Man In Scotland) rants to Malcolm about going to see the movie There Will Be Blood… he complains that there’s hardly any blood in it.

My weekend so far could be called There Will Be Snot. On Saturday I went through an unbelievable number of tissues, thanks to an alternating blocked/sneezy/runny nose. The house sounded a little as if someone was doing a day-long really really bad trumpet rehearsal.

So far Sunday is looking like it might be a day for a sore throat rather than lots of nose action, but we’ll see.

Hopefully this cold will be on the retreat by tomorrow. I’ve got important things to do during the week.

Here for your enjoyment is Jamie McDonald, the Crossest Man In Scotland. (Coarse language)

Finally, what is amazing about In The Loop is that they managed to construct a trailer with no swearing (apart from one bleep):

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3 replies on “Physical wreck: There will be snot”

Arh that explains why we are yet to see a post about recent funding announcements, even though the budget is not until Tuesday. And it is a further two weeks for the Victorian state one.

Two tips form me;

#1, eat a lot of garlic. Do not be concerned with garlic-breath, as people are even more concerned with snot-breath.

My local chinese restaurant has a garlic sauce, I get a bowl and drink it like it is a soup. That always seems to work.

#2, Salty water into your nose. I have tried it many times, and it has worked each time. I am not exactly sure if my method is 100% correct, so I recommend you ask for professional advise on how to do this trick.

All I do is, put some salt into a mug, pour boiling water, add some cold water to it. Now I am not sure how hot it should be but, I dip my finger in it. if it is too hot, tip some out and add more cold water. Then you need to find the means to squirt it into your nasal cavity.

WARNING #1:This method can be very messy in deed, especially on your first try.
WARNING #2: Test the water before you squirt. IT MAY BE TOO HOT.

Before I close, I am to, wish you a quick recovery from your woes.

All the best – I saw you (and your doppleganger) on Friday evening as I was waiting for the 703. You looked healthy then. It strikes quickly.

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