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The neurosurgeon attacked at Footscray Hospital was Dr Michael Wong, aged 43. I went to school with a Michael Wong; presumably he’d be 43.

Digging around, I haven’t found any other detail to confirm or deny it’s the same bloke (there are tons of Michael Wongs, even just in Melbourne, and my usual method of trawling social media networks didn’t help), though I note he studied with a Professor Andrew Kaye – name of another fellow student at Melbourne High School.

Either way, I hope Dr Wong makes a full and speedy recovery.

Update 12/7/2014: Today’s Age has an article on the neurosurgeon — it’s inspiring stuff, well worth a read. He has recovered fully. The article also notes he migrated from Hong Kong when he was 18, so he’s not the same Michael Wong I knew.

By Daniel Bowen

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Could be the same bloke. You went to a school for clever boys and he obviously was a clever boy to get into medicine.
Sounds like a random attack – horrible. Reminds me of Dr Chang who was attacked and dies in Sydney several years ado

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