Herne the Hunter

Target’s window decorations are presumably meant to be about Christmas…

Target Christmas (Herne the Hunter?)

…but for me they just remind me of Herne The Hunter in Robin of Sherwood.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Herne the Hunter”

Oh, bonus points for the Robin of Sherwood reference! That show was amazing – still is, actually. But Herne never wore glasses…

And I worry about Target Bentleigh’s advertising budget.

Perhaps you might muse about the ability of Centre Rd to support a Target in this day of Westfield Malls and in the face Wesfarmers general lack of interest in Melbourne strip shopping.

Your (and my) Bentleigh Target Country has recently been painted, recarpeted, had new shelves and a new acoustic ceiling installed, It’s trading hours have recently been extended, as well.

Rather than mock the tacky Xmas decorations, I’d be thanking Wesfarmers for not leaving with you with a cheap and nasty $2 shop or some oversized fruit shop or chemist.

@Alpal, I reckon any advertiser is delighted if people notice what they’ve done, let alone blog about it – even if in jest.

Yeah the local Target has had a revamp – this is a good thing, as for the sake of all the shops in the centre, “anchor” tenants are needed to get the punters in. I certainly am happy to patronise Target on that basis.

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