“OMG”! – a few amusing church signs

This very prominent sign spotted in Malvern, at the southern end of Glenferrie Road:
"OMG" - Malvern

Jeremy snapped this picture in Elsternwick at the start of the year, when the Coles “Down down” ads were at their height.
Elsternwick church: "Down down, Jesus came down"

This one was in Bentleigh — I found this one amusing:
Bentleigh Uniting Church: This is the sign

…Then a few weeks later, this one. Not sure about that bottom line… a trifle sinister?
Bentleigh Uniting Church: Come while you still can

Spotted any other good ones recently, or specific churches that go for witty slogans on their signs?

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@Roger, some people would consider just about anything to be blasphemous. I’m guessing those who run this church don’t consider OMG to be.

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