Photos from ten years ago

Some more photos from May 2003

Once upon a time, green bags weren’t actually green:
When green bags weren't green (May 2003)

Signage in High Street… not a great job done there with the relative placement of the No Left Turn and Tram Stop signs:
High Street, Prahran (May 2003)

The then-new multi-storey carpark at Elsternwick station:
Elsternwick railway station carpark (May 2003)

Who says you can’t take home bulky goods on public transport, if you have your friends to help? One weekend I observed this:
Taking home a washing machine on the train (May 2003)
Taking home a washing machine on the train (May 2003)

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4 replies on “Some more photos from May 2003”

Gee, I didn’t think it was ten years ago they built the multi-storey carpark.
But you have the evidence to prove it.
Nice photos – especially the washing machine on the train!

Please tell me the multi-storey carpark isn’t free, and that it’s actually a Z2 surcharge or something to use it…

The multi-story car park and a commercial (and residential?) development replaced the the old single story car park. It probably did not cost the Government much actual net cash spent, only the cash not received from selling the land the car park went on and any of the cash from the sold land than went on the car park.

As a station car park it would be free for PT users.

Clearly new ‘M Train’ seats there.

I never knew we had the brains to build ‘multi story’ car parks for train stations, and we did that ten years ago.

Then again, those signs tells it all. Road has priority over Rail.

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