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Obscure songs: JC001: Never Again

20 odd years ago, when I was into music videos (and television in general), I used to regularly record (yes, on VHS) a few hours of Rage on a Friday and/or Saturday night, and watch it the next day.

I’d categorise each song as a 1, 2 or 3. 1s I would copy onto another tape for keeping — a kind of Rage mix-tape. 2s I would watch once. 3s I would spin through.

One much-loved but long-forgotten song that I’ve just encountered is JC001’s “Never Again”.

(Once again WordPress is playing up. If it decides again to remove the embedded clip, it’s here.)

Apart from the good anti-racism, pro-mixed-race message (something I can relate to), the fast-paced lyrics made it ripe for parody in our family: “I intend to defend my blender ’til the end!”

The song has been hailed in some circles as “One of the best, most underrated uk hip hop singles ever.”

And it also apparently samples The Specials, so you’ve gotta like that.

JC001’s real name is Jonathan Pandy, and he’s still around apparently, for instance on Twitter. I wonder if he still has the crazy eyes.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Obscure songs: JC001: Never Again”

LOL! I used to do that too! Taping Rage. :-) I dont mind never again, but I love The Beatmasters feat. JC 001 – Boulevard of Broken Dreams, the hook is wicked!! Cheers mate.

Yes. I still have crazy eyes. Check out or google “Le Peuple De L’Herbe” to see what I been doing for last 11 years……..
PS… update the song….My mum married an Aussie and has since taken Australian citizenship since I did this song/rap.
So I dunno if I can change the lyrics….. lolz.


JC001, from L-O-N-D-O-N London cities finest, straight up from the BIG SMOKE comin’ up for another TOKE. Revive brother!

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