Unwanted Myki cards: new collection bin at Skybus terminus

It’s not refundable, but you can now “return” unwanted Myki cards — apparently they’re donated to charity (though it’s not clear if this means the cards themselves, or the balance from them).

Donate your unwanted Myki card - Skybus terminal, Melbourne

I wonder how many get handed in?

Of course, people who host visitors can always keep the cards to share/give to others.

(Tipoff: Matt McBride)

By Daniel Bowen

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Any indication of what happens to any personal information linked to the card? Are they wiped before being passed on?

If that bin was a machine that delivered cash for $6 +/- the balance on the card, then it solves the short term ticket issue…. Obvioulsy these bins need to be more widely distributed.

If they were serious about being friendly to visitors, the Skybus ticket booth could just give you some cash for your Myki card on the spot when you buy a ticket to the airport. It would be very easy for them to have a reader in the booth to show them how much cash to give you, and then recoup all that money from Myki each day.

@Marcus, its shocking that they dont sell Myki cards at Melbourne Airport where 14 million people land every year.

Moreover, the road lobby is so organized that I can use my EastLink tag on any toll road in Australia!

Can I do the same with Myki? No.

Another problem exists at the train stations that are not manned. I have experienced cancelled or out of service myki readers, which for obvious reasons is not a big deal on trams but rather when I can’t touch on and catch my train,I transit to a manned station (flinders st). I personally have not being fined for this as of yet, but when I called myki to get a garentee of validity they reply with “call us let us know in the future this is not a garentee however”. Then their second response is “make sure you touch on every time you jump on a train or tram”, apart from lack of adequate response or reasoning skills displayed by the myki employee it really shows mykis lack of transparency when it comes to user troubleshooting.

Your opinion on myki is pretty bias Daniel, agreed on a lot of what you have to say however nitpicking articles is not your forte and anytime a journalist has a piece in the paper fairfax or whoever is going to shine through. Apart from this your lack of intellect in analysing the age article only adds fuel to the hate circle. I’m sorry but you are the problem.

Before criticising another’s intellect you would do well to run a spell check (it’s guarantee) and learn how to use an apostrophe to denote possession Jim.

Hey Jacob,
myki cards are sold at Melbourne Airport. You can buy myki Visitor Packs from the Melbourne Airport Skybus terminal. Anyone with an Australian Postal address can also order a myki online or by calling PTV in advance and have it sent to them. There’s a lot of hotels and backpackers that also sell myki Visitor Packs.

As a tourist in Melbourne for 2 days i think is a silly card! I must pay 6 dollars for nothing sa i Would not come back To Melbourne in years, and i cannot have money back!
And i cannot do The turist pack, because my hotel is not near The only 2 places where a tourist can buy it! Crazy!

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