Good news! We now have an airport train. At least, that’s what the sign says.

That’s definitely a train icon on that sign, right?

This way to the Airport Express train

(Southern Cross station, Bourke Street bridge)

PS. Reminds me a bit of Metro’s “emergency” gate.

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Well that just makes it like a lot of other V/Line train services – where the train is really a bus…

Looks like it was made in the overly-optimistic spirit of the old Comeng and Hitachi destination rollers with Melton, East Doncaster, Baxter, Coldstream, etc on them!

And here I thought an “Airport Express” was an Apple Wi-Fi Router! lol!

Or, maybe the sign is supposed to direct a person to the train for Lara so that one can get to Avalon?

For Sandra … The Skybus will be the best way. Check out for info and current ticket options.

This is wishful thinking, but … if Myki does become available to use on SkyBus by November 2012, you could have the option to:

– Purchase a Myki Visitor Pack at the Airport (if the product gets released to tourists by November – it was supposed to be released in July) see;

– Top up your Myki {you’ll need enough credit to cover a Skybus Fare} at the Airport (subject to a Myki Top-Up Machine becoming available at the Airport) see

– Catch a SkyBus to Southern Cross Station and use your new Myki to “Touch On” see—Touching-off

If that all seems complicated – I thought this video would help you, but, it seems more inclined to show you what a great tourist destination Melbourne is instead …

@Sandra, the easiest/quickest way is Skybus (though it’s more expensive than regular public transport).

If you’re on a tight budget, regular bus 500 or 901 from the airport (but you’ll have to hunt around to find the stop) to Broadmeadows station, then suburban train.

If you’ve got a group of 3+ people, a taxi may be cheaper than Skybus. Taxi fare estimator:

The airport west tram is west of essendon airport, not tullamarine airport. The motorway goes right past the tram terminus. I think it is about 6 km.

Southern Cross Station has a vew examples of poor singage. One is their monitors directing vline punters to “TRAIN VL32 PAST THE BRIDGE” (for example) – when the trains do not have VL32 written on them anywhere… it is pure gunzel-speak for the set of three cars numbered something like 3211, 3212 and 3212. They are not very customer focussed down there.

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