What’s so special about this block of flats?

Hey trivia buffs, what’s so special about this block of flats? (Apart from the fact that one flat is for lease.)

Block of flats

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Update: Tony got it: it was Lano & Woodley’s flat in their TV series. From other pictures I’ve seen, the “Tropicana” sign seen in the TV show was real, but seems to have been removed now. The post box outside the block wasn’t real. The address is Marriot Street in St Kilda — here it is in Google Streetview.

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6 replies on “What’s so special about this block of flats?”

Wow! Well done. I loved that series. The longest and hardest gut busting laugh I have ever had occurred watching that series. But the external view rang no bells for me.

“I wish that hadn’t happened”

I tried to watch Woodley’s series, doesn’t really work without Lano.

I’ve walked past this building many times as it is fairly close to where I live. I never knew it was involved in a TV show.

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