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2R3YM – That’s the Myers facade backwards

There’s often some interesting pictures to be had from the sixth floor of the renovated Myer store. I snapped these the other day.

Myers Lonsdale Street facade

Myers Lonsdale Street facade and construction

By Daniel Bowen

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10 replies on “2R3YM – That’s the Myers facade backwards”

I love going up there. The retail deals aren’t that great on levels 6 and 7, but the view is spectacular. Very interesting to look into those floors of the building in demolition and work out where things were. For a while there was a set of steps that were on Level 4 of the Lonsdale Store in the Electronics section that I must have walked up hundreds of times, which now lead into nothingness!

Sadly, at least IMHO, the new Myer just has no soul at all. Even though the old store was a bit shabbey and obviously needed replacement, the new one just has no personality. Perhaps it’ll be different once “Emporium” is built and you can walk all the way through to Melbourne Central again.

It’s funny. I read it as Myers, instantly realising it is back to front. My eyes (or brain) just can’t read your 5R3YM in it, though of course I realise where you get it front.

I can read upside down and in mirror image without any problem. Am I odd, or are we all able to do that?

That’s funny – I was walking along Lonsdale st yesterday and saw the ‘front’ of this and snapped a pic on my mobile. So weird to see a wall just there, where there used to be an entire building!

Funny to see the ‘S’ only on the inside of the building,
the exterior only has ‘MYER’ , no ‘S’ ?
I have not yet found any reference to why the S was hidden on the site

That would be the old days when it was ‘Myer’s’ and not ‘Myer’ which they took on when they had their suburban expansion in the 1960’s and 70’s (the latter decade when Myer took on the current font for its logo) – trying to look a bit more upmarket in dropping the ‘s’ I guess! The Herald used to have a front page ad ‘What’s new at Myer’s’ in the 60’s which later became ‘MYER what’s new’ in the 70’s

I regularly go up to that same spot to see the progress of demolition inside – like Nathan seeing the former electrical department steps to nothing. It gives a perspective of the assorted buildings joined together to form the old store – hence the mess of stairs and ramps joining the floors. I would have thought they’d keep a bit of the Lonsdale Street structure and match the floor levels back like they did with the 1930’s Bourke Street facade, but it looks like the whole lot is coming down – looks like neither set of floor levels was any good.

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