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Proof that you can get a big-screen TV home by public transport

Proof that you (with the help of a friend, at least) don’t need a car to take a big-screen TV home… at least not since the advent of flatscreens.

Taking a TV home on the bus

Panasonic, 50 inch. Appears to have been bought at JB Hifi (which is nearby). Note the lady with her Metcard ready. They caught a 908 bus.

(No, this is not what they were talking about when it was flagged there’d soon be video ads on buses.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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When we moved offices from East Melbourne to CBD we had some Irish people in office who took home an old bookshelf… 1200 high x 1500 wide x 600 deep… took it home on the number 48 tram!!!

I once saw a rather frightening looking couple load the groceries – all still in the trolley – from Coles at Glenroy on the train to the next station at Jacana, then off and up the ramp. I was wondering if they have a collection of abandoned trolleys at home from this practice!

Hmmmmm. Wonder if the thieves who took our TV used the tram or one of the two buses that go down my streeet??

you’d find its also quite difficult to use a car to take a 50 inch plasma tv home as they don’t fit, need to be transported upright, etc. In fact with the long aisles, expansive wheelchair space and low offpeak occupancy, I’d say the bus is probably an easier way to go! (so long as your bus stop was not too far from home). I wonder if the tv needed to buy a concession fare…

Agree with Johann I once took a large framed picture home on the 86 tram as there was no way I could fit it into a car or even a station wagon. If you get on during non peak and stand up the back it is easiest way to transport large but relatively light objects like this.

I’ve taken a microwave and various flat-pack furniture boxes home on the tram at times. A little awkward to carry but you manage…

Once gave away an old desk to some students, wouldn’t fit in their car so they carried it from my house on Rathdowne St to the (fortunately low-floor) Nicholson St tram and then into the city. You’ll get some funny looks but it can be done!

Konrad, I’m with you! A photo like that wouldn’t stand up to cross examination in a court of law. But it’s a good photo, Daniel.

Reminds me of when they tried to ban bicycles on trains:

I’ve taken a bicycle on a train many times, also a wheeled trolley loaded with cardboard boxes (prior to moving house). I bought a shopping trolley at Prahran market and took it home via tram and train. Avoid peak hour, be considerate to other passengers, and do it safely.

It would be safer to take a BBQ on a tram than a motorbike.

Cranbourne and Pakenham lines would be much more interesting had Ikea been built right next to Westall station.
I do recall a couple moving a huge wooden cabinet up Swanston street northbound, on a low-floor tram.

The delivery charge for home appliances is about $30 – not that much more than the cost of Metcards for 2 people, and much safer. Though you might waste half a day at home waiting for them to arrive.

BTW I know this girl is in a public place and you have the legal right to photograph her, but still, you should probably Photoshop her face out…

@DW “BTW I know this girl is in a public place and you have the legal right to photograph her, but still, you should probably Photoshop her face out…”

Assume you mean for privacy reasons, not because she has a sad face, resigned to the fact her partner is just about to spend the next to weeks playing X-Box on that bad boy TV!

@John, why wait around home for hours waiting for a delivery (which might cost you loads more for being off work) when you can take it home yourself and play with it straight away?

@DW, a couple of 2-hour zone 1+2 Metcards is $13, and that’s assuming they don’t have Monthlies etc which cover them already for that travel.

I lived my first 4 months in Melbourne without a car and I did exactly this with my new LCD TV which I bought JB Hi Fi on Chapel St. I used the 79 tram to get to the end of my street and then carried it myself (no help) down the street home with some huffing and puffing and a few rest breaks.

I also bought a drop leaf table at a thrift store on Chapel St. and got this home on the tram too. It was good that the tram that came by at the time was an old W class as the table fit through the wide door opening quite easily. I probably would have had some trouble getting the table past the railing that is in the doorway of the other classes of trams that run on Chapel St.

I got a few strange looks both times but I was glad to get the TV and table home myself without a delivery charge or renting a car.

The car on the other side of the road is driving with the boot lid right up, probably illegal. I wonder if they have a TV in the boot.

@enno That car is actually parked in one of the space in the middle of Lonsdale St, so perhaps it’s loading a TV.

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