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Back in 1995, I wrote as part of my History Of The World:

Beatlemania sweeps the world. Shortly afterwards, electronics companies devise a fifty year plan to get people to buy all their favourite music many times over, by introducing new recorded music technology every decade. This works until the 1990s, when, due to a tactical miscalculation, everyone is perfectly happy with their CDs.

I guess the joke’s on me.

Love the advert, by the way… but I’m resisting. My CDs, some going back to the late-80s, all still work (though I admit getting suckered into upgrading to the remastered Abbey Road a couple of years back).

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The newly remastered Beatles albums sound enormously better than the original CD release. Worth getting (on CD of course) if you’re a mega-fan. In fact I would recommend the mono set – these are the mixes the Beatles themselves worked on at the time. They are much punchier. The stereo mixes were throwaways, except for Let It Be and Abbey Road, which were only released in stereo

My CDs are all in a box at my parents’ house in SA after a laborious weekend spent burning them so that they are all now on my iPod classic. Haven’t purchased a CD in five years….

I’ll buy a newly released album but to replace a cassette or vinyl I’ll stick with Torrents, I’m not paying Sony or Apple for music I’ve already payed for 10 years ago.

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