Movember day 1 (nothing to see here… yet)

As I’ve mentioned, this month I’m growing a moustache for charity. I’ll try and post a picture each morning. Here’s the first: day one of Movember.

It should probably really be day zero, because under the rules we start clean-shaven.

Daniel - Movember day 1

Being Cup Day, I took the time to do the blade shaver thing this morning to do it properly… it does give a closer shave, though I’m not convinced it looks any different from a distance of more than a few inches, and because I’m not used to it, I invariably end up with a bunch of little cuts. Oh, and I’ve got a pimple on my upper lip. Maybe the hair will cover it.

Tomorrow things start to change… I’ll be interested to see how the moustache develops.

You can donate here — any amount, big or small, is welcome.

The Jeff issue

Andrew Highriser makes some very good points about BeyondBlue chairman Jeff Kennett’s comments recently. This has discouraged some people from donating to Movember, and I did consider this before deciding to participate.

I decided to go ahead because, regardless of Kennett’s comments, I think BeyondBlue do good work, and also because only a portion of the funds raised by Movember go to BeyondBlue — a (narrow) majority (55% after admin fees) actually goes elsewhere.

Kennett’s interview with Joy FM’s President David McCarthy is online here — scroll down to the installments published on 7th October 2011. Part two from about the 6 minute mark, and also part three discuss the contentious comments.

Anybody considering donating has a choice to make, of course, and I totally respect those who do not wish to donate to Movember. Alternative fundraising is: Fauxvember and Homovember.

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I shaved on the 31st of October. I’m going the whole of november without a shave or a haircut, and donating what I would have spent on shaving supplies and a haircut to charity.

Then, on December 1, I’m going to Weldon Barber (a barber shop chain started by one of the scions of the Nordstrom family) to get an old fashioned straight razor and hot towel shave.

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