Qantas: nasty or nice?

Is it just me that thinks this Qantas ad looks a little like the Q bloke is being a meanie, hiding the teddy bears from the kids?

Qantas advert

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Qantas: nasty or nice?”

… the whole set has a strange 1950s-esque feel to it – the rug also looks like someone has laid down a whole lot of newspapers to prevent … what, exactly?

I think the kids are cute.

Doesn’t change my opinion on Qantas though. Mostly I just dislike the ground staff, particularly in Melbourne airport. I wont fly with them for business or pleasure. I’ve let about 100,000 frequent flyer points elapse rather than fly with them.

This add is nasty, it reflects qantas exactly after the announcement by Alan Joyce. Arrogant, greedy and ready to steal anything to ensure profit margins remain…such as rights of Australian workers hmmmmm!

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