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Victorian Labor: Still advertising almost a year after the election

This billboard is still on display up high above Flinders Street, opposite the station, roughly across from the centre entrance*.

Victorian Labor: Still advertising almost a year after the election

It seems to refer to the 20% emissions reduction by 2020 pledged last year by Labor, and matched by the Coalition, though some say there are indications the Coalition will drop the target.

Perhaps it’s just too difficult for the advertising company to remove it, and/or they haven’t got another client who wants the space. Despite the size of the sign, it’s not really very noticeable.

Google Streetview shows a different advert up there.

(Tip-off: Mike Alexander.)

*At least, it was still there a few days ago. I haven’t checked this week.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Victorian Labor: Still advertising almost a year after the election”

I think the 20% actually represents the percentage of the electorate who would actually consider voting for them in 2020. It’s an aspirational figure. By then they will tracking at around 10%

What happened to the once great ALP? Oh yeah thats right, they suck.

I look at this every day that I work and find it quite hilarious in quite a sad kind of way.

Personally I think the Victorian Labor party were so convinced they were going to win the election in the months leading up to November (when it went up) they just ordered a full year lease. Presumably you get a discount rate if you sign a contract for a longer period of time. Whoever ordered it now must feel pretty silly!

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