The bus to nowhere

Apparently the buses at this bus stop have a destination of “None”.

Bus destination: None

The addition to the sign in this case is accurate. It’s a spot where buses layover in William Street between runs.

Apparently they’ve put bus stop signs up there to stop motorists parking there if they don’t notice the Bus Zone signs. But they’ve made them old-style bus stop signs so that passengers don’t try and board buses there.

Metlink do have a design for Set Down Only bus stops; there are a few around the CBD. I wonder why they don’t use those instead — they’d probably do the job, but be less confusing.

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4 replies on “The bus to nowhere”

Probably because these signs indicate a place where drivers can park up with the knowledge that they won’t be bothered by the public asking for directions, travel info etc?

Maybe “set down only” bus stops would tempt some people to wait for the bus, and when it stops, jump in using the rear door?

Well there are some routes with arbitrary restrictions on getting on and off, but most “set down only” signs that I see, are where routes terminate, so jumping on the back door is unlikely to be very productive.

Ted Baillieu’s plan to eliminate ticket-machines from trams seems highly retrograde, and will make life more difficult for casual tram and public transport users (and tourists of course).

Any way to get him to change his mind perhaps?

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