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Proof that roof insulation works

The lack of insulation in my roof at the moment does make a noticeable, tangible difference.

Normally I have my central heating set to 20 degrees until 9:30pm, and I used to have it set to 12 degrees… I came up with that on the basis that when the insulation was in the roof, overnight it would never drop below about 15-16 degrees, even in the middle of winter.

Now the insulation’s gone, if the heating is left off, the temperature will drop to 11-12 degrees… a real difference in heat retention, and in comfort.

The house is too damn cold overnight at 12 degrees, even with double doonas. I’ve reprogrammed it to 15 degrees overnight. Which of course means the heater switches itself on at night (resulting in some noise) and I’m obviously using more gas.

Will try and push ahead with the next steps in roof work, before getting better replacement insulation installed.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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3 replies on “Proof that roof insulation works”

Clearout of more of the junk up there. Much of it has been removed, but some remains.

Some work to support one of the cornices which is dipping.

Replacement of the kitchen halogens with LEDs (specifically if the transformers are replaced, would be better done before the batts are put in.

Organise some storage space up there. (I got some shelving put in last year but it’s in the right place for the old trapdoor, and the wrong place for the attic ladder.)

Carpenter bloke also reckons ducts and wiring and stuff should be moved around (up) out of the way, but I suspect there’s diminishing returns for going to that much trouble, given the plan is only occasional use of the roof space.

Just make sure that the transformers are on top of the batts, not under. If covered they can’t vent, overhead, and can start a fire.

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