Southern Cross Station as viewed from above

Before last week I’d never seen this view of Southern Cross Station. It looks quite unworldly. CL was giving me a quick tour of Media House — as he commented, it looks like something from Dune.

Southern Cross Station from above

What you can’t see from the photos (not even zoomed-in) is that some sections closest to the edge, and between the lumpy bits, are actually inflatable plastic. Presumably it’s some essential part of the design.

Southern Cross Station from above

Here’s a more conventional angle. Anubis and Chrome are still in residence.

Southern Cross Station main entrance

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Southern Cross Station as viewed from above”

Yes, but why is the bit over platforms 13-16 a boring old flat roof. It looks like an add-on but was built at the same time as the rest

The flat roof over platforms 13 to 16 was intended to be the bottom of a multistory office block. The developer got cold feet over the cost overruns of the construction, and the slow office market at the time, and substituted a quick and cheap podium. One day they will probably construct an office block.

Such a lovely eye pleasing rooftop. It also has those really nice structural support beams that just look perfect for hiding some piping.

Such a pity then that the largest rooftop in the CBD (by a long shot) has absolutely no water catchment facilities at all. Especially considering it was built in the middle of a drought.

@Daniel – I stand corrected. I didn’t hear anything about this, just about the uproar about it not harvesting it in the first place.

I wonder how much they manage to catch and whether it covers the entire roof.

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