Morons on the road

Oh, bravo

Oh bravo, yes. Just block the whole road.

Bravo #RoadMorons

And I might note this guy was happy to park himself there while the light he was blocking was still green.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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13 replies on “Oh, bravo”

are you sure that’s a guy? Looks like a woman to me.
Mind you, the guy in the white car hasn’t parked very well either.

These days it’s all about me, me ME! No wonder I’m looking forward to PT’ing to the new job. OVER the roads!!

The picture may make it look like a woman, but I was sitting there for 60 seconds waiting, and watching him (trying not to look at me), and I’m telling you it was a bloke.

I should have lost my temper and beeped, particularly when arriving initially when the light was green.

You should drive around Camberwell where this happens all the time with a significant proportion of people who don’t give a stuff about anyone else.

It’s always strange how they resolutely look ahead, lest they make eye contact.

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