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The visitor

This feline visitor was in the back garden yesterday evening, waiting, watching.

The visitor

I’ve seen this particular cat around a fair bit in the last week or two. I wonder who got a cat for Christmas?

Ah well, if it keeps an eye on the mice, I’ll be happy.

Hopefully it’s kept indoors at night so it’s not a big hazard to any native wildlife.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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5 replies on “The visitor”

We have a big ginger cat that appears to think that it owns our house. It sleeps in our back garden or front garden (depending on its fancy), and it keeps the mouse population down.

It will occasionally give us “gifts” and leave the skin and skeleton of the mice on our driveway or back porch. It used to run away from us (and we used to chase it away because it annoyed us that as soon as we put a chair outside, it would view it as its bed), but now we’ve been there 5 years and we have a truce – it won’t even run away anymore, merely saunter casually or sit and blink at us.

I suspect that one of the tenants who previously lived at our house, or the house next door, left it behind, as it appears fairly domesticated. No collar, though. We have resisted adopting it because it’s a Persian with tabby markings and my husband is allergic to cats (though he loves them) and we couldn’t keep it indoors. We also travel a fair bit. Thank God I don’t think it goes after the birds – we’ve never seen any bird carcasses, anyway.

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