Thursday morning on the Frankston line

This morning on the Frankston line…

Thursday morning on the Frankston line (1/2)

Frankston line Thursday morning (2/2)

Election stunt?

The latest Metro Trains Authorised Officer uniforms?

Year 12s last day/Schoolies celebration?

Is there a Flashmob happening somewhere this morning?

Or is it just the latest fashion?

I wonder where they keep their Metcards/Mykis?

(Caption on their bums:

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Reminds me of the day we got an entire zombie horde, including a teacher who was more excited & dressed up than the kids! Wish I’d got decent pics of that.

If you don’t mind me asking, what network are on? Do you get coverage through the MATHS? I’m on Vodafone and whilst it used to be bad through that patch it’s now abysmal and I’m lucky to get any signal whatsoever, let alone 3G :( And it used to improve by South Yarra and now i rejoice if I get any at all between there and the loop tunnel! So frustrating, this used to be my time to zen off, now I just shout at my phone :P (btw judging by the time of this & your tweet, I think I might have been on the very same train. sad I missed the action!)

I’m on Telstra, and get consistent coverage between Bentleigh and the City Loop tunnel entrance. This train was the 8:47 from Bentleigh; I didn’t post it until a bit after getting off the train. The morphsuits guys got off at Melbourne Central, though a couple of them didn’t seem too sure about where they were going.

Hahahaha not sure if im proud to say i know them or not
This is what happens when country kids go to the city…

“Fans of the suits say the fun is in the heady mix of standing out like a brightly coloured sore thumb while at the same time being
cocooned in Lycra-clad anonymity.”

banks will get nervy

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