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Confusion galore

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Update Wednesday: Labor has now released its transport policy.

By Daniel Bowen

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I’ve emailed both Pakula and Baillieu (I’m in his electorate) about PT issues and Myki. I got a stock standard response from Pakula’s office saying he would get back to me (he never did) and an actual letter from Ted which said they were going to hold Kamco accountable for the failures of myki so far (which basically says to me they’ll do the same as Labor is doing right now).

It’s obvious Ted will more than likely get in again regardless of whom I vote for but I don’t think my vote is going to him, but I’m not really sure who to vote for. It’s all a big non-event right now really.

My response from Ballieu was that Labor had done a bad job on public transport, but that the Libs had no idea what to do better.
At least, they claimed to have some policies, but didn’t want to release them yet. Given the election is only a few weeks away, it would seem they’re running out of time to share… or they don’t have them.

Dave, can you blame him- everytime Baillieu releases a policy, Brumby and co just snatch it, tweak it, and call it theirs! And people seem to be fooled by this. C’mon people, insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different result!

Great quiz – had a giggle at the questions applying the concept to other large cities. Thanks for making it easier to contact my local mp.

At Sunshine train station this morn I picked up a greens leaflet someone had dropped on the platform. Interesting to see that Janet Rice, the Greens candidate for Footscray is specifically talking about things like trains, trams, buses every 10 mins instead of the $5bil tunnel and freeway. Also mentions an independent and accountable PTA.

Good to see a party pick up this issue. It’s one of the main ones I vote on.

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