Paper spam

I can’t say I miss the old Readers Digest promotions, with their endless letters, gimmicky stickers and knick-knacks. It’s nice to see that their spirit is alive in this paper spam I got from Toyota.

Spam from Toyota

Note the “Priority Express” flashy banner in faux Express Post colours — purely decorative, as the flyer arrived in a plain white envelope.

I was slightly amused to see them address it to The Resident of a post office box, and was going to mockup a graphic of a livingroom inside a box, but then The Daily Show did that gag last week, so I won’t bother.

Daily Show - Post Office Box joke

Oh damn, I seem to have missed the big Toyota promotion. Oh well.

By Daniel Bowen

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Coming very soon: keep a look out for a letter, personally addressed to you with “Important information about the forthcoming State Election” printed on it.
You assume it’s from the Electoral Office – so you better open it – but it’s really from …. The Liberal Party!

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